Thursday 26 September 2019

'I am proud of this' at Wombourne Quilters

Sandra's 'test' medallion quilt design
Every quilt and quilt-maker has a story to tell but most quilters that I know are not very good at taking compliments about their work, often feeling that their own quilts are not as good as others. I am always amazed at the variety and high quality of quilts that Wombourne Quilters make and feel very proud to be one of the group. 

Erica's growing collection of blocks 
We decided to encourage everyone to be proud of what we do and at our meeting last Wednesday evening (18 Sept) it was the first in our series ‘I’m proud of this’ - a special moment when invited group members bring in work to show to the rest of the group. 

Detail of an early quilt by Sandra

It is more than the usual 'Show and Tell' where work is held up for a few minutes and then put away quickly so that the rest of the meeting can continue! 

These sessions will give the individual an opportunity to talk about the things that mean the most to them and it allows the group to spend time looking at the items in detail, to ask questions, and to admire.
4 blocks - same design - different fabric

Sandra and Erica started off our 'I am proud of this' series - both ladies are relatively new to the art of quilt-making but they are very enthusiastic about exploring new techniques, trying new ideas and discovering all aspects of the wonderful world of quilting. 

Sandra particularly likes this block because such different effects can be created just by changing the way the fabrics are placed. She showed us other examples of blocks where she had been able to do the same sort of thing; it was interesting to see how a little imagination can make a design look so different. 

Ikea's best!

The cost of fabric can be daunting, especially when first trying out new blocks and techniques, but Sandra has found some lovely less expensive fabrics in unexpected places like Aldi and Ikea. 

We were able to have a look at many of the pieced patchwork tops that Sandra has made since starting sewing about three years ago, but she admits that the next hurdle is getting to grips with the quilting itself.
Detail of Erica's hexagon quilt

The first piece that Erica showed was the wedding dress she had made for her daughter and then we were treated to a delightful display of a wide range of patchwork cushions and bags (images on Facebook).

Some time ago, Erica was given a box of paper-pieced hexagons, the style of fabric suggesting that they probably date back to 1970's. At first she was not sure what to do with them all but by adding the calming cream hexagons, Erica came up with this fresh 'modern' arrangement.

The result is a stunningly impressive quilt that measures about 55 x 85 inches - just right to drape over a single bed. A little technical information for the curious - it is all hand pieced and hand quilted, with a backing in dark green and cream strips.  

Embroidered quilt label
 This is the label on the reverse of another project that Erica has finished recently. Chris had made an Amish style pieced top and earlier this year she asked if anyone in the group would like to tackle the quilting. Erica had agreed and brought the finished quilt in to show everyone. 

It is good to see the label on the back that hints at the story behind this quilt; it seems to complete the piece and make it much more significant. And it reminds us all to label our own quilts to ensure their stories live on too.

Detail of Amish quilt made by Chris and Erica
Sandra is proud of the fact that she likes to ‘have a go’ and now she is a prolific maker producing many pieces of work that she never imagined she would be able to do. 

Erica is proud of the fact that, even though making her daughter’s wedding dress put her off sewing for a while, when she started patchwork and quilting classes her love of stitching returned and that she loves learning new things. 

Thanks ladies for a fascinating glimpse into your sewing worlds.

More images on Facebook

Look out for the next in our series 'I am proud of this' in the Spring