Friday, 17 June 2011

Thank you to the Carol(e)s!!

We had a laughter filled evening on Wednesday. (I never thought crochet could be so jolly!). Actually it was very informative evening hosted by Carole Auden and Carol Thomas who schooled us in crochet and tatting with the idea that little designs can be added to crazy blocks for quilts, and since we have a crazy quilt round robin happening I'm sure lots of people went home with new skills and ideas.

I always think it's amazing that such intricate flowers etc can be made with a ball of string and a pointy stick and have many times tried to teach myself from books, magazines and indeed YouTube! In fact when my friend tried to teach me years ago we ended up in tears of laughter at my plight. I am a left-hander and it's hard to reverse the technique, so this time I decided to try right handed. Well, again the tears of laughter and general expletives under my breath. I came home with an aching bicep - boy was I tense!!

 Carole was most patient, sympathetic and humorous. I had fun. I still can't crochet.

Some more skilful amongst us learned some new tricks and the tatting table worked on some very intricate  little pieces and everyone had a great time.

Here are some examples of Carol Thomas' tatting skills.

Thank you so much to our patient tutors!!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

News for June 15th evening

Crochet and Tatting Tuition evening by Carole Auden and Carol  Thomas.

As you may know, Carole and Carol have been 'volunteered' to lead this miniworkshop at the next meeting.  If you want to learn to crochet, Carole has asked that you bring crochet hooks, if you have any, and any yarns - crochet cotton or wool or anything that you like. 
For tatting, Carol will supply Mercer Crochet cotton (20/40) but if you have any of your own you can use that.  If you happen to have a tatting shuttle, can you please bring that as well.  She is going to buy some cheap shuttles from Hobbycraft that you can purchase on the night - they cost about £2.29. Can you please let her know if you definitely want to buy a shuttle, and she will make sure you get one.  She has a couple that can be used on the night, but it's worth pointing out that if you are halfway through a piece you will need to take the shuttle home with you.  A very fine crochet hook will be useful, although she will bring a couple. 

Please note that unfortunately the Alison Bramley workshop on 18th June has had to be cancelled due to lack of numbers.

However!! Please see the new page: Workshops and Classes by Members and Friends for Ann Jermey's workshop in June in Wombourne - not to be missed !!