Wednesday, 20 March 2013

March and April 2013 News

Wombourne Quilters Newsletter, March to April, 2013

Hello again, everyone.
Our next meeting, on Wednesday 20th March, is designated as Members Choice.  Please do come along and think of this as a Sit and Sew session, chat amongst yourselves, catch up on what’s happening, have a cup of coffee or tea.
Carol Thomas has also volunteered to show us her bookwraps, the ones that the Quilters Guild advertised in The Quilter, and to tell us how she made hers, let us have a play around with ideas and make some ourselves.  These wraps are for a good cause and will be in the QG tombola at the Festival of Quilts.
Because of the shuffling around on our programme in the earlier part of this year, my own session on neat corners on binding sort of disappeared.  I’m going to bring my sewing machine along to this next session and if anyone is interested I can do it then.
Just a note now about upcoming events.
Firstly, Jan Bevan is busy most Wednesdays, but is still able to do her session on pincushions on 3rd April.  I know this will be another fun session, so any requirements you might like to bring along will be notified nearer the time.
The following session, on 17th April, is Ann Jermey who will be bringing squares to play with.  I’m always surprised by how simple shapes can be manipulated into interesting patterns, and Ann tells me that you need not bring a thing, as she has all the materials she needs for the session.
Plans for our show are going ahead, the background work is ongoing with various committee members having particular tasks to undertake.  It promises to be a good day, one not to miss, and I would like to ask you at this point to consider how you can get involved in your show.   We will need people to help with setting up and taking down the stands and tables, and then there’s catering to consider, people to direct towards our various displays and vendors, someone on the door collecting money…..  There are many ways you can get involved, and it would be helpful to know if you can spare some time on the 21st September.  We don’t expect you to be there all day, but would like to know what part of the day you can manage.
Saturday 11th May.  We've managed to secure the large hall at Bradmore Community Centre for this day (from 10 - 4 pm) and the topic is BAGS.  Following on from the success of the bags competition last show, we thought it would be a good opportunity to try to raise more funds by repeating the event.  So, on 11th May do come along and have a go at making bags to have in our show.  Gill Biel is going to bring along some patterns, or maybe you have some of your own?  This will be a good day to get your own bag projects finished perhaps, or get involved in a new one.