Monday, 31 October 2011

October and November Happenings

Last session:

We had a very interesting session with Janet Leeper at our last meeting, experimenting with a technique to make a new material out of old scraps of fabric and paper. It would be great if those of you who took part could bring your finished piece to our next meeting for everyone to see.

The Olympic Quilt was completed and sent off this week and we received the following lovely message from Jenny Rundle to say that it had arrived safely.

Hi Catherine
The groups quilt arrived safely today, please thank all the members of the Wombourne Quilters for supporting the project and for making such a wonderful quilt. I will pass the details onto Sharon for the snippets section of the book. I love all the pictures particularly the snow scenes, I think many athletes coming may not have seen snow so it will be a  fascinating set of scenes for them to look at depending on which country it goes to.  I will stay in touch with newsletters and we hope that some of the group will be able to come to the exhibition in London next year.
Thank you to all the Wombourne Quilters,

Letter that was sent with the quilt:

Kate included a letter (below) from the group to the country that will get the quilt. The information will also be used in the book to be published. Click here to find out more about the project.

‘Around Wombourne in 2011’ Quilt no. 274

Greetings from Wombourne Quilters                  October 2011

We are a group of quilters who all love sewing and quilt-making in particular, our skills range from the complete novice to experienced exhibitors and prize winners; we are a very friendly group where everyone is welcome to come along to the talks and demonstrations that we hold twice a month. The group was founded just over 25 years ago, and as the name suggests, it is based in the village of Wombourne, about four and a half miles from Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands. Members of the group live at various locations in the surrounding district including Wombourne, Wolverhampton, Sedgley, Dudley, Kidderminster, Telford and Bridgnorth . You can find us on maps on the internet.

When we first decided to make a quilt for the 2012 Olympics, we wanted the design to reflect the local area in a way that would be interesting and informative for the recipient country. The traditional Log Cabin block has a red square at the centre to signify the home and hearth, it seemed appropriate to use this design but to put images of the surrounding area, our home, at the centre instead. 

By emailing the digital photographs to one computer and then printing the images onto fabric, we brought together the use of modern technology and traditional design. Many of the photographs were taken in winter so the colour scheme for the individual blocks, and the quilt as a whole, developed naturally from the captured colour. 

It was important that as many members of the group as possible could be involved in making the quilt and contributions came in many different forms, taking photographs, printing the images, designing labels, donating fabric, sewing the log cabin blocks, quilting sections to be joined later, adding binding and even pressing seams. In total, about seventeen members of the group were involved in the design and construction of our quilt. Time and materials were all given generously and a touch of love sewn in every stitch.

Wombourne Quilters send their warmest regards to you and hope that the quilt is enjoyed by all.

Next session Wednesday November 2nd 7.30pm:

Next meeting will be a Christmas Surprise Decoration with the Committee! Please bring as much of the following as you can find amongst all the bits and pieces we quilters always seem to have around us.


Fabric scraps - not too tiny - silk, shiny fabrics, velvet, Christmas fabrics,

Braids, cords, ribbons, tassels etc

Beads - not too small, ones a pin will go through - sequins

Pins - these will be used in the decoration - glass topped ones too.

Thick decorative threads, shiny yarns etc that could be plaited or twisted to make thicker braids

A blunt knitting needle or a blunt pencil or a ball point pen, one that had run out is ideal.

Scissors and sewing kit.

Later in the month Wednesday November 16th at 7.30pm:
Amanda Clayton is giving a talk about her work on 16th November

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A busy Autumn for Wombourne Quilters

As you know September has been a very busy month for Wombourne Quilters and currently there is a display of our quilts in Wombourne Civic Centre as part of the Wombourne Past and Present exhibition which is open today and Friday this week.
At the Bradmore workshop on Saturday Sept 17 the Olympic quilt took shape, sashing sewn on, then sections quilted and joined together all in one day. The back seams were finished at ‘Sedgley Live’ last Saturday and Carole Auden is adding the binding with Mary Toft slip stitching that in place. We hope to have it complete for the end of October deadline so that it will be included in the book to be published next year

‘Sedgley Live’ was very successful for Wombourne Quilters with several people enquiring about meetings in the future and much interest shown in the Olympic quilt and the pennants, as well as lovely comments about the quilts on display. 

Our last meeting on 21st September was good fun with lots of quick tips demonstrated during the evening. We are hoping to put a book together with tips and problem solving ideas that would be useful reference for the group members - more about this later.
Next meeting 5th October
Sheila Smith ( is giving a talk about the Contemporary Felt Scene at our next meeting and that is followed by a full day workshop on Felted Texture, Thursday 6th October at Wombourne Library 10am-4pm. There are still places available and if you are interested please contact Gill Biel to book a place.

Here are some details:
The workshop involves creating surface textures on felt by combining simple stitching within the actual felting process.
The workshop is experimental and aims to make participants aware of the exciting possibilities
this combination offers. It is suitable for all levels of experience as basic felting processes will be

Workshop Requirements:

1 metre bubble plastic – small bubbles/single sided as used for packaging

50 cm length of plastic foam piping (from DIY stores sold as pipe lagging)

Plastic bottle with small holes bored in the lid (to sprinkle water)

Olive oil or unperfumed soap

Basic sewing kit to include needles with large eyes

Strong thread i.e. top stitching thread or crochet cotton – any colour

As the workshop is experimental, small quantities of a variety of materials are required e.g . Merino
wool tops, dyed cotton scrim, silk chiffon gauze, silk fibres.

Either I can supply a list of materials with quantities or I can supply a workshop pack of materials for
each student at a cost of £5.Please let me know which you would prefer?
October 19th at 7.30.
Janet Leeper will be leading the workshop on 19th October to make a new fabric (as if we don't have enough already!) to stitch or print on, from found ephemera, little bits of cloth etc., a fun and creative evening.
Janet says:
If you'd like to come please bring the following:
Decide what colour/(s) you want your finished fabric to be.
Bring thin papers and fabrics e.g. tissue paper, paper napkins, paper towels, scrim, net, lace small pieces of calico/cotton pre dyed or coloured....(.you can do plain white if you want).
The fabric will be made from a variety of paper and fabrics used interchangeably. Quite small pieces can be used so it is a good way to use up those scraps you just cannot throw away.
You can always add slivers of thicker bits like felt, velvet or a thread, ribbon to add interest. Also to make the work personal the odd used postage stamp or part of a letter, map or ticket.
I once saw used a lovely label that was soaked off a wine bottle.
The only other things you need besides the statutory apron is a good quality plastic carrier bag to work on, a pair of scissors and a brush(I use a half inch decorators brush) to apply paste which I will supply.
News Flash - Addition to the programme
November 16th
Amanda Clayton is giving a talk about her work on 16th November, she was one of the original members of Wombourne Quilters many years ago. Her work is innovative hand stitched embroidery using natural fibre and fabrics. You can see some of her work on 
A very interesting evening and certainly worth coming along to see Amanda’s work.
Thanks to everyone who has been able to help out in any way this month, including all of you who have donated fabric for Project Linus and contributed to the Olympic quilt and the pennants. Here are the ones we have made so far.....