Thursday, 1 May 2014

A note from the intrepid Carole Auden.

Wombourne Quilters Newsletter

May 1st,  2014.


Hello everyone.  This intrepid traveller has returned and felt the full force of jet lag.  If anyone asks me what day it is, I still don’t know, and this might well be a prelude to bad grammar, poor spelling, errors of content in this newsletter.  Mind you, it might be a permanent affliction!

I managed to stagger round Uttoxeterracecourse for the Quilt and Stitch village 2014 show, and was okay doing a workshop that I booked on my return.  The ladies who arrange the bookings must have thought I was a bit brain dead, because I got the date and time of the session wrong, twice, whilst trying to confirm the session with them.  Never mind, it all adds to my own memories.

This nicely leads me on to the Special Theme Quilt Category of the show, that of the centenary of WW1, and how memories were portrayed in fabric and stitch.  Special congratulations must go to Jan Bevan for her spectacular wall hanging “WW1 Centenary”, and those of you who went and saw this quilt would probably, like me, have spent some time admiring it. Congratulations, Janet, a well deserved win.

Our next meeting is 7th May, and we’re having another go at making buttons.  This was so popular  a session the last time Lorraine came to us, but some of you unfortunately missed it and asked for it to be repeated.  I look forward to seeing you on the 7th.

Its that month again, where we have the AGM and look at the previous year’s achievements.  Please remember to bring something to munch on, but more importantly, please remember to come to the meeting as your views on your Quilting Group are so important. As a reminder, the date is 21st May.

Its good to be back.


Carole A