Sunday, 19 February 2012

Annette Emms Book Wrap Workshop.

Books have had loose wraps constructed for them as protection since this Middle Ages when they were made from leather or cloth - probably linen or wool at that time.
We had a wonderful day yesterday creating our own with a base of tea dyed calico and applied mixed media and stitch.
We first transferred images on to  cloth and paper using a variety of techniques - emulsion transfer, sellotape, stamping etc.
 We scrumpled paper and rubbed with oil to create leathery, soft surfaces.
 We sprayed with inks,

Placing chosen pieces on the calico - Carol had dyed hers in blackcurrant tea and fresh blackberries:

 Here are two of Annette's pieces:

 Some more of ours:

 Jill had some lovely strips of fabric which she had pre-printed with long photos:
Some chiffon was sewn on top, which some people then burned back in places:

 Emulsion image transfer from a magazine:
 The books began to take shape:

Annette was so helpful with layout ideas
 Jill had a large family tree album to cover so had her work cut out!

Come back and visit to see the finished results - hand stitched and ties added....


  1. Hi! The pictures look great.
    Thank you for making me so welcome yesterday, I really enjoyed my visit.
    Oh yes, I'll be back to see the finished results! X

    1. Oh great - come and visit whenever you like. I am now booked on your Angel Day at the Embroiderers' Guild because it's such fun - I promise to try not to make any comments about sticks!