Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Naked Blocks

(click the photo to enlarge and view this better!)
Last night was day1 of the crazy block round robin for this year.
Each participating member made a crazy block and put it in a folder. Every month the folder gets passed amongst the stitchers and they will decorate one seam and one patch with embroidery based on this year's theme "A Flower Garden".
Above are the naked blocks before embellishment and in a year's time we will unveil the completed pieces.
The last set of blocks were wonderfully innovative and very beautiful.

Carol Page was even more excited than usual (!) because she has finished a quilt which is a gift for a three year old which she has worked on ever since the child was born. Here she is with the lovely bright quilt which she made by the "quilt as you go method."
Please have a look at our Exhibitions page as Kate's group "Eclectica" has an exhibition at Worcester Cathedral coming up. The group has a very varied output of the highest standard.

Just a reminder: Subs are due in May and are £32 for a year or £18.50 for six months.

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