Monday, 10 September 2012



There are two events coming up quite soon and I need to know if people are interested in supporting either of them by the end of this week - 14th September.
Contact me on or 01902 711983

Sedgley Live Saturday 
29th Sept 
We would like to take a display of Linus quilts to Sedgley Live. Can you come along to help? We would set up at about 9am and then take down at 4pm. 
Can you help set up about 9am to 10.30am?
Can you come along to sit and sew, perhaps working on a Linus quilt, and/or chat to visitors for a couple of hours - morning or afternoon?
Can you help later to take down, about 3 to 4.30 pm?
Do you have any Project Linus quilts for the display? We would like as many as possible

Please contact me by email or phone by the end of this week

Workshop with Edwina MacKinnon 
October 20th 
We need to decide on the topic for the day.  There are several options to choose from - those who were at her talk last Wednesday will remember the examples Edwina brought with her.

1. Cut and come again.
Create blocks from random pieces of pieced fabric, cut out your block then use the off cuts to add to other pieces of fabric.  The only measuring you do is when cutting your square blocks.

2. Kaleidoscope and colour.
Explore the possibilities of the Kaleidoscope block and play with colour and block placement.

3. Fabric manipulation 
Play with pleating, tucking, fraying.

4. String pieces quilt.
Make dozens of yards of a length of pieced strips of fabric, then strip piece the strips.  Easy.  Quilt top in a day.

Contact me or Carole Auden as soon as possible for further information, if needed, and to tell us which workshop option you would be interested in doing - by the end of this week, 14th September. 

Possible Indigo and dyeing workshop with Edwina
Edwina creates some stunning fabrics from dyeing, discharge and smear dyeing, soya wax, indigo dyeing and so on.  These topics are best undertaken at Ineke's Barn (Little Heath Lane, Lickey End - near Bromsgrove) and Edwina is happy to set up a workshop there for those of us wishing to have a go. We would need about 8 to 10 people to make it worthwhile and it would cost about £35 for the day. 
Please let me know if you want to do this instead of or as well as the workshop in October and we can sort out a date with Edwina.

Hoping to hear from you all soon

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